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Product Review: Eena Kadeena Mock-Zah Ball Mix

Posted on March 9, 2012 by Glutenfreeda

Produced by Eena Kadeena, LLC.
2095 NW Aloclek Dr.
Suite 1114
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Tel. (503) 705-3007
Twitter @eenakadeena // on Facebook

Organic quinoa flakes, organic potato flakes, dehydrated onion, salt, organic dehydrated garlic, guar gum, vegetable mono diglycerides, black pepper.

Overall Rating – 5/5 Stars
With Passover coming up, keep these in mind! They are sure to be crowd pleasers and make for a gluten-friendly holiday for everyone. Not traditional, but allergy friendly – I’m down.

Becky: Delicious. Period. Okay, not really, because I’m not known to be a woman of few words, and leaving my review at “delicious” just wouldn’t cut it where Mock-Zah Balls are concerned! I do believe that this will be the first time my review will be an unqualified, no-questions-left-to-ask “Five Stars.” I’m not Jewish, and matzah balls have never been in my culinary repertoire, so this was a whole new world for me. My only experience with matzah balls was when I was very young, and I just don’t remember anything spectacular about them. That all changed when I made them from this mix. These are truly wonderful – tasty on their own (yes, I ate two right out of the pot), and even more so after dropping into my homemade chicken soup. I will add these to my grocery list from now on because they are… I’m repeating myself… DELICIOUS!

Kelsey: I was actually rendered speechless by these little pockets of perfection. Really and truly! I was incredibly skeptical after the “dump everything in a bowl and combine” instructions, and when the balls floated to the surface of the boiling water only a minute after I first submerged them, I feared for the worst: “25 more minutes? Are they nuts?” But as with every product review, I always follow the instructions to the letter – and were my (non)efforts rewarded! This mix came together so easily, the most difficult part was waiting while the mix chilled in the refrigerator and boiled merrily on the stovetop! They were perfect – better than the “real deal”, if you ask me. Perfectly seasoned (not too salty, just enough garlic and spices to taste like they have been simmering in Bubbe’s chicken soup all day!), they soak up just enough broth to taste like whatever soup you’re serving them in without becoming flavorless themselves – so perfect!

Becky: It’s hard to be critical when something is as tasty as these are! The texture is NORMAL. Yep – totally, utterly, dumpling-y NORMAL! Perfectly chewy and full of the broth flavor of my soup on the outside, tender and flavorful on their own inside. There’s nothing more to say here except “perfection”.

Kelsey: I swear, better than their gluten-filled counterparts! Not in the least bit dry or mealy, the quinoa and potato flakes combined into the dynamic duo of deliciousness! They weren’t gummy or soggy or chewy or crumbly or anything less than unbelievable! Now, I didn’t finish all of mine in a single batch, so I took one of the dozen or so that wound up in a tupperware container in the refrigerator and ate it. Cold. Standing right in front of the fridge, door open. It was amazing. They were still moist, 36 hours later in a container that, admittedly, does not seal very well (I’m a broke post-grad, ok?!) and they were still perfect. How do you top that?!

Becky: This is the most gorgeous, space-saving packaging I’ve ever seen. There’s little waste here – the box is small – about the size of a box of tea – , and I actually held a nagging doubt that there was enough mix in the box to be worth it. There is, and the box is so pretty I might just want to store it on the counter! Inside is a clear plastic liner that I really like – easy to see exactly what I’m getting in that pretty box, and such thin plastic that there’s little waste inside the box, too.

Kelsey: Cutest. Packaging. Ever. “Mock-Zah Balls” and “‘Chai’ our pancakes” – stylish design, conveniently sized box, trendy colors and punny titles – love it!

Becky: On the Eena Kadeen website this mix sells for $7.95 – not out of the realm of realistic for such a high-quality gluten free product, and I will certainly be purchasing these to have on hand. Also, from what I can glean about the making of gluten-rich matzah balls, the simplicity of making these in comparison makes the cost well worthwhile. I hope the price doesn’t go any higher, though – that might put them into the category of “special events food,” instead of the category they belong in for me: “staple”.

Kelsey: AMEN.

The Mock-Zah Ball mix, along with a range of other gluten free mixes, is available on the Eena Kadeena website for now. Those living in California, Washington state, and Oregon will find the mixes in a small handful of stores as well. I still give this a five star rating because the web ordering through the company is so safe and easy, and also given the number of people who own computers on which to do their ordering!

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