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Butternut Squash & Sage Latkes {GFCF}

Posted on December 17, 2011 by Glutenfreeda

butternut squash and sage

Latkes are a Hanukkah essential. Whether you are settling down for a quiet dinner with family and friends, or throwing a fabulous holiday bash that will make your dreidel spin, these latkes are perfection on a plate. Golden-fried, crispy, delicious perfection. Whether you’re a fan of straight-up potatoes, potato flakes or sweet potato — these latkes are a must-try. They’re a little bit of everything in a deliciously different package. This squash-based version is exceptionally delicious! They fry evenly, crisp up on the outside and stay moist-but-tender on the inside, capitalizing on the perfect partnership of butternut & sage which makes them easily pair-able with sour cream, apple sauce or your family’s favorite topping.

Butternut Squash & Sage Latkes {GFCF}
Yields 12 4-inch latkes // Gluten Free & Casein/Milk/Lactose/Dairy Free, Low Carb & Diabetes Friendly

3/4 cup / 1 medium onion, grated/shredded (see notes)
3 cups grated/shredded butternut squash (approximately half of a medium squash)
1/3 cup gluten free flour — sweet/white rice or tapioca flour/starch based in best
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1 tablespoon chopped fresh sage
2 large eggs, lightly beaten
Vegetable oil, for frying (Canola/saffola/peanut — anything with a high smoke point)

+ I seriously recommend a food processor with a grating attachment; it’s the easiest, cleanest, least painful way to grate squash/potatoes/onions — all of it!

+ You’ll also need a large skillet for frying and a baking sheet for draining. On my baking sheet, I put down a few pages of newspaper and top it with two-ply paper towels.

– — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — – — –

butternut squash & sage latkes
The most difficult part of this recipe is the squash: first, with a sharp knife, cut off both ends and cut the squash open lengthwise and remove seeds. Cut squash into manageable chunks and slice off rind. (Alternately, you can cut it in half, remove seeds, etc. and use a vegetable peeler before cutting into chunks – whatever works for you.) Now, grate – same thing with the onion.

This is really important! Squeeze out any moisture from the grated squash and onion – I transferred each vegetable (separately) to paper towels and squeezed them out over the sink.Be careful that onion juice is volatile — you’re minding your own business, squeezing all of the moisture out and BAM! your eyes are burning, tears are falling, arms are flailing, and SPLAT, the onions end up on the floor — not that we would know anything about this. No, no, not us… Anyway, moving on…

In a large bowl, combine squash, onions, salt, pepper, sage and flour – toss to coat, but “coat” is a loose term: you’ll be able to feel the flour but not see it as most starches tend to dissolve pretty quickly once in contact with moisture. Have faith in your flour. Add eggs and 2-3 teaspoons of oil, mixing well to combine.

In your skillet with 1/4-1/2-inch of oil, reach on into that starchy, eggy batter, grab a handful and carefully drop it on into the pan. Flatten with a spatula, but but be gentle – you don’t want to break the patties apart.
If the spatula sticks to the latke, wipe/rinse clean and spray with oil for the next round.

Your latkes will be ready to flip when the edges are golden brown: 2-3 minutes. Flip carefully and cook for another minute or two until the other side is also golden; remove to baking sheet and allow to drain. Voila, a new holiday favorite! Serve with sour cream, apple sauce or as a side dish. Enjoy!

butternut squash & sage latkes

Photos by psd, tim sackton, kelsey ganes

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