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Monthly Archives: December 2009

>Gluten-Free New Year’s

Posted on December 28, 2009

>It’s 11:59pm, December 31st, 2004, you’re gathered around with your friends watching the ball drop in Times Square listening to Dick Clark count down — 10….9…8….7…. You reflect on the past year — in particular, the last 5 hours of your cocktail party. Did the appetizers come out right? Was there enough food for everyone?  Continue Reading »

>Unbelievable Cookies

Posted on December 22, 2009

>The holiday season is typically filled with special cookies and treats for all to enjoy. Just because you are on a gluten-free diet does not mean you have to forgo all the delicious treats the holidays have to offer. This holiday season we’d like to share some gluten-free cookies that are very gourmet, delicate and  Continue Reading »

>10 Sensational Appetizers for a New Year’s Eve Party

Posted on December 15, 2009

> Planning a menu for a New Year’s Eve Party can sometimes be a little overwhelming, particularly if you are planning on having your guests enter the New Year gluten-free. We’d like to take the pressure off with 10 delicious appetizers — all equally delicious and guaranteed to be a hit with all your guests  Continue Reading »

>A Gluten-free Guide to Potlucking

Posted on December 9, 2009

>The holidays are traditionally a time for friends and family to get together for gift giving and meal sharing. This can pose a fair amount of stress and concern for those of us that are gluten-intolerant. As a guest, we worry that there may be nothing that we will be able to eat. And even  Continue Reading »



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